We are the best parts supplier for any printing houses
More than seven years of successful experience
About us
We are a team of professionals with extensive experience in the field of printing and other equipment. We started seven years ago. We have many suppliers all over the globe. We are fully responsible for the quality of the supplied parts and equipment.
We are also an official partner of the Italian manufacturer of lifting equipment Armanni Carrelli Elevatori s.r.l.
Why you should choose us
Our advantage is an individual approach to each customer
We pay great attention to the choice of suppliers and the quality of spare parts
We are a team of professionals engaged in the selection of original and alternative parts for equipment, their purchase and delivery to your factory
How it works
How to start?
You send us an e-mail request with the mandatory indication of 1. The name of the equipment manufacturer, 2. The serial number of the equipment, 3. The year of manufacture of the equipment, 4. The catalog number of the required part
How to proceed?
We process your request and offer several options for spare parts from different manufacturers (if possible), advise on all issues that arise
what's next?
If you are satisfied with our offer, we conclude a contract in accordance with which we order and deliver the necessary parts to you.
Phone: +372 5921 0765
e-mail: atsgcompany@yahoo.com
Vesivärava 50-201, 10152 Tallinn Estonia
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